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What is an FTV channel partner program?
The FTV channel partner program is a formalized business strategy implemented by us to establish and manage relationships with third-party entities, known as channel partners. The program aims to leverage the strengths of these partners to expand the reach of our services, increase sales, and enhance market presence.
What is the meaning of FTV channel partner?
An independent entity or person who works together with FTV to promote, sell, or disperse its items or services is referred to as a channel partner. Channel partners operate within a specific geographic region or market segment and typically have expertise in that particular domain. They serve as an extension of our sales force and work towards mutual business objectives.
How do you become a FTV channel partner?
In order for you to become a FTV Channel partner, be a real estate consultant. The second step will be to choose their city of preference, and then depending on the subscription they decide to take (chart available on the website), securing their position as a FTV channel partner by making the payment. Post which, deliverables, will be provided completing their onboarding.
How does a channel partner work?
Channel Partners work alongside a company to extend the reach of their services. They leverage their local market knowledge, customer relationships, and expertise to market, sell, and support the company's offerings. Channel partners receive training, marketing materials, and Backend Support from the company to effectively position and sell their products. They receive rewards such as commissions, discounts, or other benefits depending on their sales results.
Why are channel partners important to us?
Channel partners are essential for a company's growth as they provide extended market reach, leverage their local expertise and customer relationships, and offer cost-effective sales and marketing support. By partnering with channel partners, companies can quickly expand into new markets and adapt their offerings, increasing sales and reducing operational costs.
What is the role of channel partners in real estate?
A channel partner is a third-party person or organization that works with real estate developers or agencies to market and sell their properties. These channel partners, often known as real estate agents or brokers, help developers reach potential buyers, provide property listings, arrange site visits, and facilitate sales. They earn commissions or fees based on the sales they generate.
Why do we need channel partners?
Just like us, every other multi-business tycoon needs channel partners. They act as the mediators, or field agents that help connect Fashion TV to credible and renowned builders in the area, that match their expertise enabling great projects. They are the catalysts to expansion and introduction of the company in the eyes of new talents and cities that may profit from their presence, and vice versa.
What is the role of FTV channel partners?
The role of FTV channel partners is to introduce potential and renowned builders to Fashion TV, which later the deal agreed on gets closed by FTV. The channel partner gets to be a part of all the meetings initiated by the two parties. For every deal closed, the channel partner receives 5-10% of the licensing fee derived from PSR value, hereby creating profits through every deal.

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